Latest buzz

29. 2. 2024

We can predict what people want, says Nikola Kozuljevic about the startup OpinioAI

27. 2. 2024

ESNA unveils first highlights of the 2023 Startup Nation Standards Report at World Mobile Congress 2024

27. 2. 2024

EU-LAC Digital Accelerator launches its first open call for European, Latin American and Caribbean business partnerships

2. 2. 2024

Start it @ČSOB and Mastercard are launching a unique challenge: Fintech Challenge targets central European startups

31. 1. 2024

Compete at Infoshare Startup Contest and win 20,000 EUR!

26. 1. 2024

Ventures Thrive extends deadline to 31 January and pours €1.5M equity-free into deeptech solutions

22. 1. 2024

Applications open for TechChill Fifty Founders Battle – winner to take home 200k EUR syndicate investment

15. 1. 2024

Eurovision for Startups Across CEE Borders: Applications are open

8. 1. 2024

The field of AI is very dynamic and you need to be as flexible as possible, says Martin Nykodém, founder of the startup CCFlow

20. 12. 2023

FESTKA strengthens its position in Southeast Asia through cooperation with Cyclist Wardrobe

18. 12. 2023

People will no longer be needed for translating apps into different world languages next year, says founder of Tolgee Jan Čižmár

8. 12. 2023

Vestbee: VC Investments in CEE in 3Q 2023 Plateaus at €560M

7. 12. 2023

The 3rd Call of Technology Incubation has launched! Here come 5 tips and advice on how to rock

6. 12. 2023

The last evening in November belonged to inspiring space women!

5. 12. 2023

You may not know you’re talking to an AI soon, says Pavel Fáček of AI startup

22. 11. 2023

We come where the mental capacity of man no longer keeps up, says Filip Dvořák of startup Filuta AI

16. 11. 2023

The fast-track visa process may solve the shortage of skilled workers for startups

6. 11. 2023

The 3rd Urban Mobility Hackathon: Apply to the 48-hour event to shape the future of Urban Mobility

31. 10. 2023

CEE Startup Challenge Opens Applications For Fundraising And Scaleups from CEE

25. 10. 2023

Czech startup has signed a contract with Avio. They will optimize the production of launchers using AI

23. 10. 2023

MARS Buildings reveals revolutionary construction. Geodesic houses to be built thanks to ESA BIC support

29. 9. 2023

Czech Startup Documentation: Standard investment documentation for startups is now available

12. 9. 2023

Donť miss the V4 startup force mentor program 2023

12. 9. 2023

Accelerate2Move Accelerates Innovation in Zagreb, Croatia