11. 4. 2019

Interview with Milan Málek of, which brings together firms in the area of mechanical engineering and is changing their perspective on production

22. 3. 2019

Global Pitch – The World Biggest Online Showcase of Start-ups and Innovative Companies is back!

18. 3. 2019

Hidden opportunities for start-ups in Düsseldorf and its vicinity

16. 3. 2019

RSBC announces equity investment into easyBNB

11. 3. 2019

Retailys was presented in Japan!

7. 3. 2019

WireConnect 2019 Powered by WireSummit in partnership with London Blockchain Labs | B.I.D.E

27. 2. 2019

Czechs have demonstrated a new app at the Slush Tokyo Conference

27. 2. 2019

Interview with the founders of the Engeto programming school, who offer their own e-learning platform

25. 2. 2019

Innovators‘ Pitch enters the thirteenth round

21. 2. 2019

The Czech Republic Ranks 6th Best Country in Europe for Startups

7. 2. 2019

Win 1M EUR in CEE Startup Challenge

5. 2. 2019

The most promising European startups are heading to Prague. At Startup World Cup & Summit, they are to confront one another in order to win the title of European continental finals Champion

31. 1. 2019

Interview with Matyáš Mandík, founder of the start-up Pixelmate, which helps firms build products with value added

24. 1. 2019 was the only startup to accompany the Czech Prime Minister on his business journey to Asia

7. 1. 2019

Interview with Ondřej Zezulák, director of TECHNOLOGY CENTRE Hradec Králové

17. 12. 2018

Apply to DEXIC Accelerator, international acceleration programme for digital startups with impactful innovation

12. 12. 2018

Interview with Tomáš Řehoř, key leader for the launch of the Czech branch of successful Estonian start-up Pipedrive, in Prague

10. 12. 2018

Interview with Kristian Mejstřík, founder of Prague Local Friends ;-), who does business with heart and is reaping the rewards

10. 12. 2018

Coding Bootcamp Prague has been selected as a winner in the category “Digital Skills for the Labour Force” at the European Digital Skills Awards 2018

6. 12. 2018

Startups from the V4 region fought in a boxing ring! Get in the Ring has arrived to Budapest

4. 12. 2018

Web Summit 2018 Highlights

2. 11. 2018

Interview with Eszter Szabo, president of the Women/Business/Angels Association, about her life mission

23. 10. 2018

Interview with Jakub Tížek, founder of Podnikni to! (Do business!) and proponent of pre-incubation for start-ups