• SportSoft, spol. s.r.o.

    UniVET, Sports software which allows controlled training using a treadmill or cycling simulator.

  • FIBRES s.r.o.

    Electric sport motorcycles Kuberg

  • CZECHGEEKS s.r.o.

    Scrapbook MOREDAYS – web and mobile application (diary).

  • SilverJobs

    SilverJobs service and online portal is here to fight social prejudices. We want to allow the generation in their fifties and older to find new job with dignity.

  • Plastiform s.r.o.

    A PET blank is a good for production of PET packaging materials, which are made by means of blow moulding after heating the blank to the required temperature.

  • Clevermaps, a.s.

    Our unique software visualizes your business activities and simplifies the traditional agenda

  • Atollon Consulting CZ, s.r.o.

    Atollon is developer of CRM-category software and consulting company

  • NETIUM s.r.o.

    Rim configurator - allows user to display selected rim, color on selected car, simulating driving.