• Heroes of Online

    Média, reklama, PR, aplikace

  • ARMEX Technologies s.r.o.

    technologický výzkum a inovace na poli moderních technologií

  • Incomming Ventures

    Company Incomming Ventures is focusing on and investing to internet trading companies and start-ups.

  • DEPO Ventures

    We connect the world of investors and startups and help them grow.

  • PointFinance Limited

    Company PointFinace Limited invests to over 20 industries.

  • Riden Technologies

    Company Riden supports starts up by accelerating them and entring to the market.

  • DRFG Investment Group

    The DRFG Investment Group is located in the Czech Republic and they invest in various fields.

  • Tritium Partners

    Company Tritium Partners is focusing on growth buyouts in the lower middle market.

  • Central European Advisory Group (CEAG)

    Company Central European Advisory Group (CEAG) is settled in Prague and is focusing on legal and business activities throughout Central and East Europe countries.v

  • Y Soft Ventures

    Y Soft Ventures is a venture capital division of Y Soft, it provides venture capital, resources and expertise to start-ups in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Venture investors corporate finance

    Company Venture Investors Corporate Finance offers financial services on a global dimension to wide range of clients.

  • V4C Investment Advisers Limited

    Company Value4Capital is focusing on investing in mid-market Central and Eastern European companies.

  • Startup Yard

    StartupYard is a seed accelerator for technology startups.

  • Springtide Ventures

    Springtide Ventures help bringing start-ups to life across Central Europe, materialise their founders’ vision and global ambitions and provide a springboard for rapid growth.

  • Rockaway

    Czech company Rockaway Capital finds and invests into technology startups who are focusing on global aims.

  • Proboston

    Proboston offers Business Consulting, Legal Services, Knowledge investor and Business Development.

  • Primoco Investments

    Company Primoco Investment invests into IT and media and is focusing on Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Benson Oak Capital

    Czech company Benson Oak Capital ("BOC") is focusing on leading small to medium-size companies settled in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • PPF Investments

    PPF Group invests into multiple market segments such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, real estate, retail, insurance, agriculture and biotechnology.

  • PineBridge Investments

    Company PineBridge Investment is an international company with branch offices across the world.