The latest news about the Founders Festival Bits & Pretzels

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Bits & Pretzels is slowly becoming a household name in the Europe start-up ecosystem. Therefore, we are looking forward to the upcoming festival. As a network partner of the event, we have access to the latest information. So we are quite happy to inform you that the representatives of Bits & Pretzels have announced three important news.

The program has been announced

First of all, the program for the Startup Academy has been finally announced, check it out at You can attend lectures such as how to built MVP, how to get a proper PR or how to hire the right people.

The Oktoberfest Networking is one of the most favourite and most welcomed activities of the festival as you can sit around a table with profound startup and business experts. As it is now, you can choose your Table Captain to lead your table. The registration for Topic Tables is available at

The list of speakers is growing

Last but not least, the list of confirmed speakers is growing basically every day. We would like to give you a few names of the most interesting speakers of the 2017 festival: Stefan Raab – Entertainer & Entrepreneur, Klaus Hommels – Seed investor Airbnb, Facebook, Skype, Spotify and many other companies, Andy Cunningham – former PR Manager of Steve Jobs and others. The full list of confirmed speakers is available at

The Founders Festival Bits & Pretzels is happening between 24th – 26th September 2017 as every year during the famous Oktoberfest in the Bavarian capital Munich. Register yourself to get the tickets at Eventbrite. Use our partner code: PARTNER_NW17.