The interview with Vladislava Zavrska, the Managing Director of Czech start-up ViaGoood presents to you one of the biggest European spring start-up events the Wolves Summit 2017
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Who is the ViaGoood?

Czech start-up ViaGoood is a special kind of project. Its initial idea is based on the so-called “Be-good” platform. As the name itself suggests, the team behind the idea is trying to make the world a better place with their thoughts and actions.

When I first met with the Managing Director V. Závrská and we talked together about what they’re doing and how she feels about it, she told me, “Just do not take it as charity or philanthropy. We trying to help other people in a nice way and we want to make the world better place, but it is not only the collection of financial funds.”

So how does this project really look like? What is it exactly about? Where will the money help? And has this project a chance to succeed in the Czech Republic? A unique campaign called “Be one of 50,000 good people” is running right now. For $ 19 you can help a good cause while having your own picture on the website of the project. Find more about the project in our interview.

Q 1: Good afternoon. As always, thank you very much for your time. Can you give us a brief outline of what is your project about and where did you get the initial idea for it?

ViaGoood is an independent project of the first “Be-good” platform in the world supporting the activities of NGOs. Our goal is to promote good activities through the “Be-good” platform. Such platform effects the changing world and helps users to enjoy life, be motivated and create good relationships.

We strive for the greatest possible independence on corporations. Therefore, we have chosen to finance the development of our “Be-good” platform through crowdfunding on our website You can easily become one of the 50,000 good people of the world. These people will build the first “Be-good” platform – simple online tool for raising funds to support projects improving the world in which we all live. Thanks to the first “Be-good” platform, we will be able to rescue stray dogs, assist elderly people or to protect endangered ecosystems more easily and efficiently than we could have imagined.

The author of the initial idea for the “Be-good” platform is Michal Valta, the Director of one of the most successful Czech marketing agencies in the real estate business. A few years ago, Michal experienced an unexpected event. His personal driver crashed at high speed on the highway into a parking truck. His injury was so extensive that no one gave him a chance to survive. This experience was a strong incentive for Michal to implement the idea he was carrying in his head for a long time. To do something good. He was perceiving the importance of ecological awareness, compassion for people and love for animals. With his software company, he created the first concept of the “Be-good” platform. It should be a system where everyone can be involved and make a contribution to improve the world. He hired new people, founded the company in the USA and decided to try the app on the global market.

Q 2: Your campaign “Be one of 50,000 good people” is very ambitious. I am a bit afraid of the prejudice of the Czech people because when they hear words such as “philanthropy” or “charity”, they are still pessimistic. How did you feel about that?

I am thinking about it in a more “American way”. I feel responsible for the world. I like that part of American culture. There is the sense of responsibility for your community. That means that I care about people in my neighborhood. Such idea of the neighbourliness is something which is difficult to imagine in some parts of the Czech Republic. I have met Americans who feel a great responsibility not only for their community but also for the whole world. That inspired me. I think we need to discuss how to make our world a better place, not only for humans but also for animals and even entire ecosystems.

Our project calls for accountability in a modern way through the “Be-good” platform, the so-called “interactive philanthropy”. We have created this term with my team to more easily express that we aim to support philanthropic projects, but not in the traditional form. It is a mutual, multi-level interconnections or cross-linking. When I support a project such as planting trees in a certain area I can look up my friends to see which of them supported the same project, thanks to our platform. It can also motivate my friends to support it as well. And the last advantage is that I can see how the project is developing over time.

Q 3: As you have said previously, you are focusing on the American market. What differences do you see between the Czech Republic and the USA?

The American market is much better prepared for the first “Be-good” platform than Czech one. The reasons are the American sense of responsibility and tradition donation. In the USA there is also a higher technological literacy of the general population. We are interested in the size of the American market as well. It allows us to spread the platform among more people so its effectiveness would be maximized.

Q 4: Finally, can you tell us where your money will help? Have you selected any special areas?

The first “Be-good” platform will help people in difficult situations, such as children. We would also like to help to protect nature and animals. You will be able to rescue stray dogs, help elderly people or safe endangered ecosystems. Your help will be direct and with feedback about its effectiveness. What is even more interesting is the ability to find how strong is the support in certain areas and who is already helping.

We will have to finish the development of the first “Be-good” platform and spread it around so everyone could be helping to make a better, be-good world.

Thank you very much for your time and Good luck with finishing your project. We hope you will achieve all your goals.

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