The Czech start-ups are going to participate in yet another international event thanks to the CzechDemo program, this time at CES Las Vegas 2017

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Four Czech start-ups succeeded in the first open call of the CzechDemo program and will participate in the global and prestigious conference CES Las Vegas in an early January (5 – 8. 1 2017).

Oscar Tech, Six Guys Labs, XTND a PIXBUF. These are the names of the promising start-ups which gained the financial support from EU funds which will help them to cover the expenses of services such as translation of the documents, flying tickets and registration fees up to 111 000 CZK (aprox. 4111 EUR or 4269 USD) per company.

What is CES?

CES is an international event focused on bringing all those interested in business of consumer technologies together to share the latest technologies and innovation. The meet-up has its roots in the American Las Vegas, but it is being held all around the world as well, this year it also took place in Prague. As you can hear from the attendees, it is a great and ideal place for seeking new contacts to take your business to the next level.

Who exactly are the Czech start-ups heading to the Las Vegas?

  1. First company is Oscar Tech which offers entertainment for senior and older people thanks to videos, calls and sharing pictures.
  2. The second start-up is Six Guys Labs which produces special trackers for cats and dogs.
  3. The third one is XTND which is going to introduce the premium electric skateboard made from a hi-tech materials such as carbon fibres.
  4. And last but not least it is company called PIXBUF with its Pixbuf application. Their application allows you to easily edit and distribute your photos to social networks and photographical services.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and we wish you successful meetings. Best of luck.