The Czech Republic Ranks 6th Best Country in Europe for Startups

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Low Cost of Doing Business propels Czech Republic into the top 12 European Countries for Startups

A new study by consumer research company NimbleFins showed that the Czech Republic has earned a spot in the top 12 countries in Europe for startups, securing the 6th spot out of 50 countries studied.

Of the country’s successful ranking, NimbleFins’ Founder Erin Yurday said, “The Czech Republic stands out as a favourable country for startups due to attractive corporate tax rates and low costs of doing business—two critical factors for most new companies.”

Strengths include:

  • Low cost of doing business, due to attractive corporate tax rates and below-average salaries and costs of living
  • Widely-educated population, with 90% of adults achieving at least an upper secondary education

Improving trust in the justice system and ease of doing business (e.g., regulations) could make the country even more attractive for entrepreneurs in the future.

About NimbleFins Limited: NimbleFins is a consumer research company based in the United Kingdom that aims to educate consumers with data-driven research so they can make the best financial decisions for their individual situation.