STRV and the founders of have invested into a new bicycle-sharing project, Futupilot

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On the last day of June, the successful Prague development studio STRV announced that together with the founders Oliver Dlouhý and Jiří Havelka have invested in the new promising bike-sharing startup Futupilot.

Sharing Smart Bikes

Futupilot is not yet another ordinary bike-sharing project. Unlike other bike-sharing projects, Futupilot want to use the advantages of modern technology. Smart bicycles will be connected to the Internet and their rental will be managed via a mobile app.

The Futupilot project is the daughter of Daniel Kojnok, who previously worked on the intelligent bicycle lock. “Joining strengths with STRV and the boys behind’s success is extremely important to us. We believe that thanks to their experience and knowledge, we will be able to fulfill our vision of the life where smart bicycles helps people to travel in crowded cities. We do not want to be a traditional bicycle and docking service. Futupilot is being build on bicycles without docking stations, with simple registration, but also on a system without the need for a membership, “said about his project Daniel Kojnok.

Futupilot has an ambition for global development

Futupilot is preparing to run the first text with 150 bicycles in the Moravian metropolis Brno at the end of the summer holiday. “The ambition to change the world of transport is very close to me and Jiří Hlavenka. We have built a global service from, and we will use these business development experiences to make Futupilot one of the most popular bike-sharing services in the world, “said Oliver Dlouhý, founder of one of the most successful start-ups in the Czech Republic,

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