Social Frame


Digital platform, where a picture is worth a thousand words.


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Social Frame is a picture only social platform where you can share your best moments with your friends and family. Create group frames with multiple contacts and enable them to upload their moments into a single frame. Social Frame is a non stop stream of pictures and can be used as a traditional picture frame on your desk without having to worry about refreshing, commenting or liking anything. It’s very intuitive to use with some simple gestures like click, short or long tap, swipes and double tap. This is done to ensure you can use the entire screen to show the best moments. Do you still have an old tablet or ipad that you never use? This is the perfect app to revive it back on your desk. See you soon at Social Frame!


Company name: Social Frame
Street: Ke studance 389
City: Tuchomerice
ZIP: 252 67
Region: Central Bohemian Region
Country: Czech Republic


Foundation of start-up/company: 2017-05-01

Employees count: 1-3

Start-up stage: Early stage

Start-up/company industry of interest: Internet, Software & E-Commerce