IP Fabric, Inc.

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Next generation IP network management system tailored to largest enterprise networks in the world. Unique network interpretation engine solves network infrastructure state complexity. Supports all existing wired network assets, true plug and play.

Website: https://www.ipfabric.io/

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High cost and low value of private IP network infrastructure management needlessly erases at least 4% of the bottom line each year in Fortune 1000 companies. 60% of all incidents are caused by human error, 55% of performance issues are not covered by the support contract and require insight into network technology, 80% of the labor intensive tasks are needlessly performed manually, and perfectly capable network infrastructure gear is being thrown out due to missing life-cycle extension strategy.


IP Fabric is an advanced predictive network analytics and context-aware management orchestration solution. Unique network model uncovers current and future issues, calculates cost to business in lost productivity and risk exposure, and proposes corrective actions. Unique network relationship algorithm understands change impact in advance, and prepares appropriate verification and backout scenarios, including ITSM documentation. IP Fabric is plug and play, vendor agnostic, and self-configuring.

Primary advantages:

  • Patentable unique network model, understands network topology constructs
  • Patentable unique network dependency search algorithm
  • Intuitive and self educating results
  • Near zero-touch deployment
  • Live scalability and bandwidth controls

Market size

  • Managed Network Services: $35bn, CAGR 11%
  • Network Management Tools: $10bn, CAGR 7%
  • IT Operational Analytics: $3bn, CAGR 35%


Company name: IP Fabric, Inc.
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Country: Czech Republic

E-mail: info@ipfabric.io

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