Startups from the V4 region fought in a boxing ring! Get in the Ring has arrived to Budapest

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Interview with Kristian Mejstřík, founder of Prague Local Friends ;-), who does business with heart and is reaping the rewards

Within the framework of the Regional Startup and Innovation Day, on the 29th of November the hottest startup pitching competition Get in the Ring was organized in Hungary for the fifth time.

Before the main event, at the Hungarian Headquarters of Tungsram Group, eleven V4 regional semi-finalist startups got to spend a day with the Tungsram board members and mentors from Startup Campus, NEO Trade and Rocket Shepherd. Here they worked on their pitch techniques. Latern,  4 finalists were chosen to step into the ring and fight the final battle.

This year, the Get in the Ring competition took place at the Regional Startup and Innovation Day, where more than 600 ecosystem players, such as angel/venture capital/ corporate investors, startups and international corporate partners took part. The program kicked off with the Startup and Innovation Award of Hungary, where four winners were announced in four categories.

After a short  break the event continued with the V4 regions hottest pitch competition Get in The Ring V4 Budapest. This year’s corporate partner of Get In the Ring V4 Budapest was Hungary’s largest and renowned lighting electronics manufacturers, Tungsram (est.1896.). Tungsram’s heritage is Innovation thus they were looking for the V4 regions best Smart City and Agritech startup ideas.

The main aim of the event was to boost and help Tungsrams innovation process through providing the best AgriTech and SmartCIty solutions of the V4 countries. During the event Tungsram heard from 4 startups with solutions that best fitted their needs.

After the battles, the grand final took place where two winners were announced: the Hungarian Gremon Systems – AgriTech category and the Polish Indoorway – SmartCity category. They won the golden ticket to Get In The Ring 2019 Global Final, where innovators from around the world come together to make deals and gain global exposure. The winners will shortly start a collaboration project with   Tungsram!

Speaking of the event, Global Director at Get in the Ring, Jochem Cuppen said:

We always find great entrepreneurial talent in Budapest, and this year was no different. I am proud that Get in the Ring have given innovators in the V4 region an opportunity to scale internationally and win business.”

The Jury members were the following: Joerg Bauer the President and CEO of Tungsram, Jakub Miller the CEO of InnoEnergy Central Europe, Bence Katona the Deputy CEO of Hiventures, József Szőke the Head of Customer Value Management at Vodafone and Alex Zhigarev, Partner of Speedinvest.

The Get In the Ring V4 Budapest project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

About Get in the Ring

Get in the Ring is a Dutch startup platform connecting founders to opportunities that allow them to make deals and gain global exposure. Get in the Ring is part of Unknown Group, an innovation agency specialized in internal and external venturing. The group’s mission is to unlock the potential of those that will shape the world of tomorrow. With a network of experts and partners in over 100 countries Unknown supports large enterprises and governments in venture building and open innovation ecosystems. The Group embodies different labels like Get in the Ring and Global School for Entrepreneurship, which both focus on supporting entrepreneurial talent and startups.

The eleven semi-finalists are:


Agrodat is a decision supporting IT product which helps to provide plant specific data supply and agricultural advisory services to arable crop producers, which constitutes a component part of precision agriculture.


The goal of SEEDIA is to design and deliver automated eco-infrastructure for smart cities. Smart City Bench was born out of experience and the search for new, more flexible ways to present SEEDIA’s designs. Apart from its unique looks and urban character, City Solar Bench is based on modular design, making it possible to create 4 different configurations from basic elements. Its personality is brought out by LED backlight.


AgroInno creates indoor farming solutions that integrates all the elements you need for top quality growing. Thanks to the LED plant growing lights the development and growth period of plants can be boosted, which results in a higher yield. Above all, the LED technology decreases the energy consumption by 50%, compared to the traditional lighting technologies.

Gremon Systems

Gremon Systems provides innovative IT solutions to greenhouse growers. The results are seen in direct cost and yield benefits. The team’s mission is to digitalize the delivery of plant behavior analysis in order to maximize plant health and growth. Gremon Systems’s products are real-time, cloud-based hardware and software solutions. Gremon Systems is a software and hardware developer, manufacturing and sales company; the innovative solutions provide unique, concrete cost and yield advantages to the horticultural producers.

Chameleon Smart Home

Chameleon is a provider of proprietary smart home technology and hardware, which disrupts the smart home market by offering tech-agnostic, future-proof smart home systems and enables full connectivity between incumbent systems, controller units, and smart appliances.


Indoorway provides accurate indoor location technology, analytical features for examining indoor traffic and parking solutions. It also enables creating precise and editable digital maps of venues. They create customized apps fit to their customers’ needs, so their technology can be effortlessly integrated with other systems eg. access control and HVAC systems.

Spot-in Solutions

Spot-in Solutions provide indoor positioning bí determining user location and providing navigation inside the building. They also give location information: they show users surrounding points of interest and provide them with the relevant information. Spot-in Solutions does specific analytics: the team analyzes your users’ space usage and optimizes operations and floor layout based on these learnings.


We’re focused on developing innovative horticulture lighting systems. Lamps are based on highly efficient LED diodes emitting carefully chosen wave lengths crucial in the process of photosynthesis. Almost entire energy is converted into light, absorbed by plants thus energy losses are limited to minimum. Lamps work with their own controlling system comprised of mobile application and various sensors (light, CO2, humidity, temperature) to provide greater control over plant growth. By creating a controlled environment it’s easier to plan when plants will be fully grown and ready to pick up. Moreover, greenhouse owners can produce vegetables all year round, even during winter when the sunshine level is too low.

Invensol Hungary

Founded in 2010, Invensol Hungary quickly became a trusted partner of multinational corporations in the region, thanks to their asset management software solutions. Over the years, Invensol strengthened it’s position on the local market and added new solutions to its service portfolio. Using advanced technology, and an integrated network of business partners in the region, Invensol provides a powerful competitive advantage that can help you optimize your facility-related costs and grow your business.


GoodVision is a startup located in Prague, Czechia. With their product “GoodVision Video Insights” they are automating traffic data retrieval from large piles of camera recordings with 1-hour delivery of results. Right from the very beginning, their mission was to deliver Artificial Intelligence tools that boost the productivity of organizations, together with perfect visual experience. Tools allowing anyone to do things in the same way as hi-tech corporations, yet simple enough to be used without any training.


Swissponic has developed a Basic urban farming solution that allows everyone to grow leafy vegetables and plants in the convenience of one’s home, without specific botanic skills. Experts can upgrade the system to Pro version for extended production and to become Swissponic Network members.