START2ACT Consultation and online tools for energy savings in office and at home

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Project START2ACT has been doing on-site capacity building activities for SMEs for more than one year. This summer the online activities for SMEs and startups called energy saving platform” have been fully launched. The platform offers you a wide range of information and advices how to save the energy in your office and at home.


The START2ACT on-site capacity building activities are free-of-charge consultancy sessions that are delivered by the project partners to young SMEs in the involved START2ACT countries. The aim of this programme is to assist the young SMEs in identifying and embracing measures for energy efficiency at their companies through a series of three visits by the consultants of the START2ACT partners. As simple and no-cost measures have the potential to lead to significant energy savings, START2ACT emphasises behavioural change towards energy efficiency of the entire workforce as a key message of the project.


Energy Efficiency in the office and at home:

The START2ACT platform is for young businesses, ranging from entrepreneurs at startups to employees and managers at SMEs.

We share tips, tricks and valuable knowledge on how to be energy efficient in your office and at home. Learn how to work together with your colleagues to make your business more sustainable.

Did you know that by making low- and no-cost changes you could reduce energy consumption and costs by 20% in your office?

Our mission is to help young SMEs and startups save energy and cut costs at work by introducing simple yet effective energy efficiency measures into their daily routines. To achieve this, we are offering free-of-charge mentorings, training and other activities.


Each of the visits to the young SMEs includes the framework SEE – CHECK – ACT in order to structure the consultancy sessions in a manner that would allow significant progress, of each meeting and over the course of the series of meetings, respectively.

  • SEE – identifying and demonstrating energy saving potentials
  • CHECK – assessing energy saving potentials and simulating cost/energy saving impacts, and
  • ACT – taking action to attain the identified and simulated potential


Why should I care about energy efficiency for my business?

  • Short term benefits are attractive: Significantly cut costs on your bill in different areas of energy use.
  • Long term benefits are convincing: Cut your carbon footprint, enhance your competitiveness, exposure and client trust.

How can I get involved?

The START2ACT services are free-of-charge, and so are many measures that you can take to make your office and home more sustainable.

Check out our online tools for no- and low-cost measures:

No idea where to start from?

Guide the characters through real life situations to check out relevant areas of energy use at work and at home.

Need more detailed background?

Get information and advice for the specific situation of your young business.

Still have some unanswered Q’s?

Ask the community or submit your query directly to ‘Ask The Expert’.

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