Database of Start-ups

  • ChemLight

    It is a new type of lighting that is not used in the world. The lighting is suitable for representative spaces, bars, restaurants, design apartments etc.

  • DBH Technologies

    DBH Technologies offers an unique spray nebulization drying technology (CASND), developed in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague.

  • is an international managed B2B2C marketplace for retail consumer goods with a “Business-as-a-Service” offering for SMB retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. They provide a global shopping experience with local feeling.

  • Walfi

    Walfi is an online photo sharing platform, introducing a new concept for the first time in photo sharing industry where users will get an opportunity to monetize from their photos. They are introducing some new ad models for advertisers.

  • ApuTime

    ApuTime is web-based application for Project Management. We apply emotions, visualizations and game for it. Try it yourself on


    We are developers with business insight. We create the safe path for companies of all sizes to have a mobile app delivered on time, with a constant monthly fee.

  • Vunela

    Educating, Inspiring and Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Social Frame

    Digital platform, where a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Kofio

    Kofio is place where specialty coffee from Czech and Slovak roasters meets it´s customers.

  • RB Spectral Technologies, s.r.o.

    RB Spectral Technologies build their products on photonics, microelectronics, spectrophotometry, fast imaging, infrared imaging, computerised colorimetry and other fields to design new solutions that are not on the market.

  • SlidesLive

    Professional Conference Recording

  • Hitchhiker Carpooling

    Offer your car seat to others or try your luck and get a ride. Share the costs and have fun with Hitchhiker!


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