Project DIGIMAT will try to find the way how to promote digitalization of manufacturing companies

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Small and medium enterprises in Europe do not fully use the potential of digitization. That is the conclusion of the European Commission (EC) and therefore it wants to contribute to the rapid spread of digitization trend in manufacturing companies in order to increase their competitiveness.

The EC has decided to contribute to projects which help companies to embrace these new trends. According to the Commission, it is especially important to increase cooperation between research facilities, universities and the business sector, especially manufacturing companies.

Project to promote digitalization

It is important to know that even advanced Western-European countries have difficulties in implementing digitization. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Czech Republic has problems in this area as well. Effort which should lead to the faster implementation of digitization in the Czech Republic will lead the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) in Brno through the project DIGIMAT.Czech companies have limited awareness about the possibilities of digitalisation. Yet, the Czech economy is dependent on manufacturing businesses. A third of the Czech workforce and added value comes from industrial production, which ranks us (the Czech Republic) among the most industrialized countries of the European Union,” said about the digitization problem the Director of JIC Jiří Hudeček.

JIC will collaborate on the project with other partners, such as: Brno University of Technology, CEITEC BUT, and Industry Cluster 4.0. Throughout the project, JIC will organize workshops with businesses from the South Moravian region. The project, then, has six months to find right way to how to implement digitalization more effectively in the region of South Moravia, and by extension, in the Czech Republic.

DIGIMAT is the only project from the Czech Republic, which has received EC funding. We look forward to its conclusions, which, hopefully, will help the Czech and Moravian businesses to compete with foreign companies on the global market.