Prague´s start-up IP Fabric has announced an investment of 1,3 mil. EUR from Credo Ventures

Czech Brno based start-up CleverAnalytics has announced a seed investment of 10 mil. CZK
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Czech startup scene has been celebrating several successful investments since the beginning of the new year. In the early days of February, Czech startup Flatio announced the investment from Incoming Ventures fund. A couple weeks later, SpaceKnow has received 4 mil. USD from investment group BlueYard. Last two weeks has been successful as well as game start-up Gamee received 2,2 mil. USD from several investors, not to forget the investment of 10 mil. CZK for CleverAnalytics.

It simply looks like a one of the best spring start-up seasons in the recent years. On the top of that, Czech start-up IP Fabric has announced an investment of 1,3 mil. EUR from Credo Ventures at the beginning of this week.

Solution for maintaining network infrastructure

IP Fabric is developing a solution of a new generation for maintaining network infrastructure. Their solution allows virtualization and safe management of network components. It is a unique way which allows interpretations of network components and their relationship with business management.

The complexity of IP networks is still a major problem in a corporate environment where existing instruments cannot keep up, leaving engineers and operators without important information about the network status. This investment will help IP Fabric to bring our products to market,“ said about the investment the founder and CEO of IP Fabric, Pavel Bykov.

Solution of IP Fabric is particularly suitable for large enterprises and multinational corporations. That is why the Prague based start-up has recently concluded an agreement with O2, one of the leading Czech telecommunications operators. The future of the promising Czech start-up looks very good.