Pier4: Austrian industrial leaders are looking for startup innovation worldwide

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Do you have a startup solution suitable for established industrial players? If so, you can work with a group of Austrian industrial leaders to market your innovation. This time you talk with the CEOs – they are standing behind the Pier4 initiative.

How should look like your profile

Are you in data collection and analysis, security, e-mobility, sensor technology, in sales or human resources tech? Do you think that your innovation can be used in one of the following industries?

  1. Steel and aluminum, plant engineering
  2. Infrastructure (energy, waste disposal, water, telecommunication)
  3. Electrical engineering
  4. Digital document and process management
  5. Internal logistics
  6. Natural fibers or automotive

About Pier4 – How it works?

Pier4 is a consortium of eight leading businesses from Upper Austria. These industrial powerhouses want to work together with local and global startups. The Austrian startup incubator tech2b in Linz fosters the dialogue between industry and startups. tech2b scouts startups worldwide, also with the help of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices, and arranges pitching sessions with the Austrian industry players.

Those startups selected will have the unique opportunity to make use of the full power of the industry standing behind the initiative, from the development of prototypes, a first industrial application of your solution, to sales support or even an investment. http://www.pier4.tech/en/

The Upper Austrian corporates that would like to hear about your innovative solution:

  1. AMAG – Austria Metall, a supplier of primary aluminum and semi-finished aluminum products https://www.amag.at/en.html
  2. ELIN, a plant builder and system integrator of electrical engineering http://www.en.elin.com/
  3. Energie AG, a regional utility provider (energy, telecommunication, water and waste) https://www.energieag.at/
  4. Fabasoft, a solutions provider for the audit-proof storage of documents (invoices , personnel documents..) https://www.fabasoft.com/en
  5. Lenzing, a supplier of high-quality, botanic cellulose fibers to the global textile and nonwovens industry https://www.lenzing.com/en/home.html
  6. Miba – Innovation in Motion, a supplier of technologies to the international engine and automotive industries http://www.miba.com/en/miba/
  7. Primetals Technologies- Innovation for the Steel Industry, a supplier of tailor-made equipment for metallurgical plants. https://www.primetals.com/
  8. TGW Logistics – Living Logistics, a gobal systems provider of dynamic, automated and turnkey logistics solutions. https://www.tgw-group.com/en

If you are interested in deeply information, contact directly local contact, Mr. Gerhard Schlattl,  ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in the Czech Republic, Embassy of Austria, Prague on telephone +420 222 210 255 or via email praha@advantageaustria.org. All news and details are available at http://www.advantageaustria.org/cz/ .