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Just recently Manta Tools announced that it had acquired a new big customer, American PayPal. For this occasion we decided to ask them a few questions about the deal and about the company itself.

In January we have made an interview with Czech startup Manta Tools. A few days ago, the Czech IT News sever Lupa.cz reported that this promising  startup had acquired a new customer, none smaller than American online payment giant PayPal. Since its establishment, Manta Tools has sold its solutions to other big players in both the US and EU such as Comcast, Vodafone and OBI.

Manta Tools provides a unique end-to-end lineage and advanced metadata analysis. The company has two main products: Manta Flow, which allows detailed visualisation of data flows in the BI environment including multiple technologies and messy custom code, and Manta Checker for code review automation, which helps to quickly fix errors.

And it was Manta Flow that PayPal decided to use. That is why we decided to ask Tomáš Krátký a few questions about the deal, his company´s growth and its beginnings at Czech ICT Incubator.


Q: Congratulations on getting another big customer. What does it mean for you to have several globally known companies among your customers?

Thanks! We serve huge enterprises all around the world. In the B2B sector, what those players value the most is, of course, your product´s added value as well as trust. It is simply not enough to have a great product. It is very important to be a buying option for huge and very often also highly regulated enterprises. To select a smaller company like we are can sometimes be a challenging decision for managers and every big logo in our customer list makes us a more reliable and safe choice.


Q: How does the company´s growth look like? Are you planning an aggressive expansion or are you going to maintain a slower but steady pace?

We definitely found a gap in the metadata and data governance area. And we filled it in a way which is superior to any other solution on the market. In the past year we always won. Also, the data governance/metadata market has become very hot in the past two years with new regulations and the Big Data wave, especially in the United States and partially also in Europe. So we plan to grow fast. And everything is going very well so far. Just in the first two months of 2016 we generated the same revenue as in the whole previous year. And to make things go even faster, we started looking for an investor.


Q: Tell your readers hot your American adventure started via Czech ICT Incubator and how it helped you in your business?

We won first place in Czech ICT Incubator at the end of 2014 and left the Czech Republic for several months to start our business in the United States. The greatest added value of the Czech ICT Incubator was simply the network of great people who know still more people, etc. Thanks to this network we learned a lot and improved our marketing and sales skills sifnificantly. We also built a strong partnership with several huge vendors, found a great guy to be our VP of Sales in North America and opened up a lot of new opportunities which turned out to be great sale in the rest of 2015. Simply said, thanks to Czech ICT Incubator we started our successful US journey. So thank you very much, guys!


We will keep an eye on Manta Tools since it is a promising and growing company which proves that if you work hard enough, you can fulfil your dreams.