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WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 (© Tamás Künsztler)

The man “who won by losing rematch” arrives in Berlin

· For the first time WeAreDevelopers World Congress, the world’s largest congress for developers, will be held in Germany on 6th & 7th June 2019

· More than 10.000 technology pioneers, developers and leading IT experts are expected in City Cube center Berlin

Introductory keynote during WeAreDevelopers World Congress will be held by World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. Besides being considered as the best chess player of all times, he is also leading AI expert in “man vs. machine” interactions. By losing iconic (re)match against IBM supercomputer Deep Blue in 1996, he attracted attention related to the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) with the modest recognition that collaboration between human and machine is absolutely inevitable.

AI will transform everything we do. We must press forward ambitiously in the one area robots cannot compete with humans: in dreaming big dreams“, said by Kasparov at the end of the iconic match. From that moment onwards he is tirelessly working on promotion of AI as lead support for development of mankind.

This combination is not unusual at all, because the roots of computer science are deeply connected with chess. Alan Turing (founder of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence) was using chess in order to explore machine behavior strategies and wrote first chess program on the piece of paper.

The CEOs and leaders on speaker line-up of WeAreDevelopers World Congress represent some of the most inspiring and visionary figures. We bring you some of them:

· Joel Spolsky, CEO, Stack Overflow; Co-Founder Trello

· John Romero, Programer and Game Designer (Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D)

· Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP Inventor

· Jutta Horstmann, COO, eyeo (Adblock Plus)

· Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Bestseller-Author “Mastering Bitcoin”

· Alina Denisenko, Tech Lead, N26

· Max Amordeluso, Chief Evangelist EU Alexa Skills Kit, Amazon

· Silvia Puglisi, Systems Engineer, Tor Project

· David Schwartz, CTO, Ripple

· Corinne Vigreux, Co-Founder, TomTom

· Jürgen Müller, CIO, SAP

· Rafael Herrera, Chief Data Officer, AUTO1

· Ralf Schneider, CIO, Allianz Group

Topics from developers community are still in focus

More than 200 speakers, workshops and panel discussions are divided into 5 themes based tracks on developers interest: Constructing Worlds (Frontend & Backend, Cloud), Controlling Complexity (Security, DevOps, Quality Engineering), Applying Disruption (AI, Bockchain), Onechaining Engineering (IoT, Robotics, AR/VR/XR, Mobility) and Coding Society (Ethics, Education, Social Responsibility).

Take a look at WeAreDevelopers World Congress programe and speakers by clicking on this LINK.

World Congress has been supported by the highest instances of the German government – Ministry of Digitisation (Dorothee Bär), and through various representatives from the largest technology companies such as: Volkswagen, BMW, N26, Ripple, Google, Amazon, SAP.

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