Interview with Tomáš Posker from the Czech start-up Oscar Senior, which enjoyed success at the Wolves Summit

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The Czech start-up Oscar Senior recently attended the internationally respected Wolves Summit, which was held in Warsaw, Poland, on 28. – 29. 3 2017. We were also at the summit and took the opportunity to speak with Oscar Senior’s founder, Tomáš Posker, who had also been part of the Czech expedition to CES Las Vegas and was selected to participate in the Pitch competition at the Wolves Summit.

O 1: Tomas, tell us, what is Oscar Senior?

Oscar Senior enables your elderly loved ones to be online, to see what is happening with other members of the family and to keep in touch with friends, all from the comfort of home. The tool is the Oscar Senior tablet application, which gives seniors entertainment and a problem-free connection with friends and family through video calls, sharing photographs and text messages.

O 2: What phase is your company currently in? How have you progressed since our last meeting at CES Las Vegas?

We started actively seeking an investor, since Oscar has proven itself on the Czech and Dutch markets and we would like to grow faster. We are focusing more on B2B, so we are more actively seeking partners; CES was the main starting point. We primarily want to strengthen our position on the American market; we are still holding on to several leads and actively working with roughly ten contacts that we gained at CES.

O 3: Is this your first time at the Wolves Summit?


O 4: How do you rate the event?

We see the main value of this event in the networking part. It makes a lot of sense to arrange meetings in advance and really prepare for the event. The first day was very intense in terms of networking; we were very pleased with at least one contact. Even if the result turned out to be only that one contact, we would be relatively satisfied with our participation here. The competition that we took part in yesterday, that’s a different story. During the presentation, we had mixed feelings from the jury, but that’s only my subjective impression.

O 5: Who was on the jury?

I don’t even know. They weren’t properly introduced.

O 6: How much time did you spend preparing for the whole event?

Basically from the time they confirmed that we had advanced to the competition and sent us access to the application for the arranged meeting. More participants were gradually added and we arranged brief meetings up until yesterday and more were added today (ed. note: the interview was conducted during the course of the conference). Prior to departure, we only quickly went through the arranged meetings and decided what the content of those fifteen minutes should be. It quickly became clear whether a contact was relevant or not.

O 7: Did you seek out contacts or did they come to you?

Maybe two relevant business contacts came to us; the rest are rather development firms that are looking for work.

O 8: How was the process of entering the competition?

I have to admit that I didn’t place a lot of importance on that. I only sent in the required information and they chose us. I have no idea what the selection criteria were.

O 9 : Would you recommend that other start-ups participate in the Wolves Summit?

I’m not sure I would recommend the competition part of it, but I would recommend the networking, especially to those who have a clear idea of what they are looking for.