Interview with the man behind the success of, Oliver Dlouhy by

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Czech server has given a few questions to the man who is behind the success of the one of the most successful Czech start-ups, Oliver Dlouh__. If you are interested in the story of, do not miss this one out!

There are not many Czech start-ups aspiring to become a global leader in what they do. One of those “others” is most definitely one of the Czech most successful start-up,

Czech server has brought to you and extensive interview with the man behind it, Oliver Dlouhý. In the interview, Oliver will tell you about the Skypicker – rebranding, why they decided to do it and how much it cost them. Moreover, he also talks about the necessities of such rebranding.

On the top of that, he summarizes what the rebranding brought to and what are its future plans. What we found as one of the most interesting part of the interview, is Oliver´s plans for the so-called “disruption” – what does it mean? Oliver explains it as plans to add more complex tools how to plan your entire trips including booking a hotel, car and trips, therefore getting away from being only a fly-ticket booking site.

By the end of the interview, Oliver also went back to the early days of Skypicker as he talks about the process of negotiating the cooperation with airlines. So if you want to know how harsh the beginnings of were, do not miss this great interview.

We hope the story of will serve as a motivation for you, so you will see that the possibilities are truly endless. Do you have a great idea for business? Nurture it, develop it, let it evolve and with hard work and a bit of luck you might become another