Interview with Shina Charles Memud, founder of the start-up YourNotify, a notification service based on people’s interests instead of repeatedly searching multiple websites

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The start-up YourNotify has a very simple and effective idea aimed at helping people avoid searching websites repeatedly when they are looking for things like accommodation, jobs or events.

Everybody knows how annoying it is when you have to sift through multiple websites again and again when looking for an apartment to rent, for example. Nosift basically wants to take away the pain that comes with the stressful search process by notifying you based on your interests.

As Shina Charles Memud, founder and designer of the start-up Nosift, says: “I have lived in the Czech Republic for about six years and I have moved from one flat to another about four times. Whenever I wanted to move, finding a place was a super hard and painful process, having to search about five to ten websites repeatedly every day. Pretty much every foreigner I know of has experienced this painful process. Part of the problem is always either you respond to the ads too late or you cannot go through five or ten websites all the time, so you miss out on offers from other websites.”

And what does this mean in practice? You can create a request on the official Nosift website at and you will get hourly/daily notifications when, for example, your preferred apartment is found, a job matching your skills is opened or your favourite events will be held near you.

We sat down with Shina for an interview on how Nosift works and some of the pros and cons he experienced while working on it.

Q 1: Shina, thank you so much for your time. First of all, please tell us your story. When did you decide to establish a start-up? People complain every day but not everybody has the courage to do something about it.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of innovation and what technology can do. Having strong technical skills and the passion to solve problems, it was pretty easy for me to transition into entrepreneurship with the desire to make a positive impact. Nosift was an experimental project for about a month until I decided to introduce it to the public, which all started around February 2017 and it has slowly grown ever since then.

Q 2: Your experience is priceless. Does it help you a lot? If so, how?

Certainly my background as a designer and front-end developer helped a lot, as I was able to quickly validate the idea and launch a simple MVP, which some people usually spend three months doing in an incubator programme. I have launched several experimental projects over the years and I have gained a simple pattern for validating an idea or concept as quickly as possible without spending too much time doing things that don’t matter.

Q 3: The internet is full of various websites. How do you decide which websites are relevant and which are not?

Yes, it is and part of the problem is that there are too many websites doing the same thing. I know competition is good, but it makes it harder for users to find what they are interested in quickly and efficiently. Basically, we look for trusted websites based on ratings, reviews, feedback, popularity and recommendations.

Q 4: Your services are free of charge. So how do you earn money?

Currently, we are not earning money and we are still in the product market fit validation process, but we do have a business model and certain plans, one of which is that some of our notification categories will have a direct payment option for our users in partnership with our third-party services, while taking a commission from the transactions.

Q 5: Finally, please tell us what you have planned for the future. Are you planning to add any more fields, e.g. car rental or a restaurant finder?

Our ultimate plan for now is improving the product and expanding to other cities like Brno, London and Berlin. Then we would add other fields for sure :-).

Good luck, Shina!

If you are interested in Nosift, please go directly to the official website at

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