Interview with Rudolf Havlik. Film director, screenwriter, traveler, blogger and one of the best speakers at the series of Fuckup Nights Prague.

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Read the extraordinary interview with an extraordinary man who has a specific worldview and beliefs that may surprise you. And if you would like to know more about him, definitely watch his new movie The Fairy Tales for Emu.

Rudolf Havlik is not a “startup man”. Nor an entrepreneur. He is mainly a Film director, screenwriter, lover of life and a writer. When I first saw and heard him live on one of Fuckup Nights in Lucerna, I was excited about him. An amazing speaker, the great hall in Lucerna was listening to him at the same time as he was talking about his failures during the making of his movie All my Tomorrows. But appearances are deceptive. His whole story is much more complicated than his 15-minute speech can make it seems. We all laughed as he possibly reliving the worst moments in his life. And why have we prepared this interview? We sat down and talked with Mr. Havlik about his work, life and world view because we would like our readers to understand that even a failure and problems are sometimes more than a million-dollar investment in their business.

O 1: Our web site is designed primarily for beginning entrepreneurs and startups who have an interesting idea and try to succeed in the market. And the basis is to have enough money to start. Is there any advice you would give to people who are at the start line without anything and looking for money?

I do not think that the basis is to have enough money. A good idea does not need any money. But it is important to support the idea. I meet hundreds of people who talk to me about it, they have a great idea, and what it probably will be about. Everyone have some idea. But almost none of them was able to show or give a comprehensive presentation of his idea.

When I take it from my point of view, if I want to do something, I know that nobody gives me anything until he sees something that convinces him that it makes sense. In my line of work is necessary to write the theme, then I write a first draft of the whole scenario, which is obviously the hardest work for somebody to advance the money for it so that he can sit and write, is a little naive. If you want to break through, you need to do more things than usual. A scenario is not the end. Together with the scenario I prepare a presentation of both visual and textual angles, I was able to paint their storyboards and concept art that show people what the work will look like, and finally I agree with the people who help me and invest a little money into it, I make necessary “one minute clip” that accurately reflects the nature of what I want to do. The more information I give, the more I have a chance to bring it to a conclusion. We’re all the same. To progress the idea, we have to work hard and it takes some time and it’s frustrating and most people do not manage it. Relying on the fact that someone says something over a coffee and gives millions is unreasonable. Work, try out your idea to flesh out the details and after that the chance exist that it goes well.

O 2: Your film All my Tomorrows is known as a story which lasted for a few years when you alternately flourished and failed and looked for money. And during your performance at Fuckup Nights you gave us the willies. Not everyone goes through and survives what you did. Does it make you stronger or rather the other way around?

When I was at the beginning I had an idea that it would not be easy. My position was that. I had to adapt and I tried all the steps to do so untill the film was finally able to follow through. For me it was a University of life, with all the trimmings. I learned basically everything, including risk situations, so for me it was a great experience, thanks to which nothing can throw me now.

O 3: You are traveling around the world and sharing your feelings and experiences on social networks, as well as on your blog. And most importantly, you do business in Asia. Do you remember saying you would prefer to stay in the Czech Republic and have a job in an office with a computer, from Monday to Friday? Can you imagine that?

The problem is that I work seven days per week and twenty-four hours per day. Despite all these issues I would not change. I can only do things that I enjoy doing and those that strike me as silly or boring I would not do them. I think that such a decision is up to each of us. Yes, it’s hard and it is possible that you will not have enough money for the rent for a few months, but if you try, you will find that it works out and you do not have to walk every day to the office and work on things that do not make sense to you. It is possible. It hurts. It’s very difficult and it may not succeed. But for the experience it is worth it because you can be an idiot in a corporate company anytime. But at least you’ll know you have tried. And when it comes, you will find that after a few years while you’re still there, but it’s not like in the beginning. I have enough free time to be able to travel wherever I want and when I want I can spend time with people who I love and work on the things that make me move forward. But I had to try for ten years, enough to see if it worked out. I believe that many people are more capable than I am and can do it faster. I keep my fingers crossed for them.

O 4: What is your “philosophy of life” ? Live right here and right now or plan ahead?

I do not know. I make decisions based on my feelings. Sometimes you need to do something crazy, because your wife is sad so you have to come home and say: “ We’re going to Zealand” . And to do that, because then life has meaning, when you see the joy of the other person and sometimes you have to say to yourself that it would be better to stay home instead of travelling to Zealand, when you really want to go there, because if you want to go there you can not finish the job and you have to finish and you have to clench your teeth and make it to the end, because you have to be a responsible person. Without a sense of resposibility you will never actually get another job. Think, therefore, follow your common sense, it will always tell you what to do next. Common sense is ussualy give the right answer.

Thank you very much for your time. We appreciate it, keep my fingers crossed to you and hope that next time when we meet, you sit in the audience and have fun at one of the other nice evenings of Fuckup Nights.

Katerina Kynclova, Web Content Writer