Interview with Petar Ćuk, Media Monitoring Specialist from the Croatian start-up Mediatoolkit

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Read an interview with Petar Ćuk who plays an important role in the Croatian start-up Mediatoolkit.

Mediatoolkit is a quite well-known start-up from Croatia and has thousands of fans on the social networks and Internet. And what is its core business? It is simply Media Monitoring & Analytics. What does it mean in real practice? With more than 3,6 billion users, the Internet is both the world’s biggest medium and the biggest focus group. Mediatoolkit are aiming to turn all the content that’s posted into information that businesses can use to make better decisions. Professionals often manually search for relevant business information from thousands of different online sources, waste hours and are likely to miss out on some crucial information.

Mediatoolkit eliminates this process by automatically searching, summarising and delivering this information to them. It finds mentions about companies, brands, industries, recognises whether the news is important and immediately notifies the user when it is. It helps them analyse their share of voice and create reports easily. For businesses, it means having their own tailored newsfeed where they can go to see what’s been said about them, interact with their customers, prevent a potential crisis and read about everything their competitors are doing.

If you would like to know more, that´s perfect, because we have prepared very useful interview with Petar Ćuk, who stands “behind the scene” of busy everyday work in Mediatoolkit.

Q 1: Thank you so much for time. When we communicated related to our interview, you were busy also during Christmas time. Can you explain to us what the Mediatoolkit is exactly doing and who are your customers?

Yes, I was quite busy. In the Czech Republic, as well as in many other countries, December is the month when people plan their PR and marketing activities for the upcoming year. When it comes to Mediatoolkit, it is an application that notifies companies when their products, competitors, and other relevant news are mentioned online. It also analyses those mentions, gives context and sentiment analysis. Our application reads through more than 10 million websites and social media profiles. In time it would take for you to reply to a single email, the software has searched through 10 million websites. In comparison, an employee would need more than 400 hours to do the same. It saves companies time and gives them valuable insight.

Our customers typically work in marketing and PR, or in upper management.

Q 2: When I was looking for further details about your company I have seen good references from global leaders such as Lufthansa, Vichy, Red bull, WWF and so on. I have to ask you – how big is your team?

That’s true, a lot of international companies trust us because as a team, we have a lot of experience in marketing and public relations. I’m 31 and I’m one of the oldest employees, but a lot of us have worked in other companies and know the troubles that come with trying to be a better marketer. We currently have 22 people working on Mediatoolkit.

We made our first sale in September 2014, and have been growing rapidly ever since. We grew 150% in revenue in the last year and currently have more than 28 thousand users in companies around the world.

We are currently expanding our team, and we’re looking for someone from the Czech Republic. We like the mentality of the people here. Everyone I’ve met is hardworking and proactive.

Q 3: Describe the whole process to us –  what should we do to load your application and use your media monitoring? Is it for free?

It’s pretty straightforward: just register to and have two weeks of full free trial. You can either buy the full version of the tool or switch to our free plan. There’s no download and credit card info needed. From then on, you just type the phrases you want to track into our tool and we deliver notifications of your mentions via email or mobile. In the app itself, you can see how many people saw the mention, track progress over time, analyse sentiment and much more. It’s fairly intuitive and we encourage everyone to try it, no obligations.

We have a browser-based application for desktops and laptops, as well as iOS and Android applications for mobile and tablet users

Q 4: I know that you are planning to start your business here in the Czech Republic. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

A lot of companies from the Czech Republic expressed interest in our tool, so we researched the market and found that we could be useful to companies here. I came to the Czech Republic in November to see if there’s any potential was amazed because we quickly gained new clients. Prague is a great place to do business: the mix between Czech people and expats allows for an international market where everything is very professional, but still has that added value of Slavic generosity and openness. The location is also great – it is in the centre of Europe which makes it very easy to expand into neighbouring countries. We’d really like to stay here, and as I said, we’re looking for someone to join our team.

Q 5: Can you tell us more about the type of a person you are looking for?

We’re looking for an enthusiastic beginner or someone with a couple of years of work experience who thinks they have the potential to one day lead our Czech office. For now, I’m that person, but we really see someone native in that role in the long run, because they know the language and the business culture. The person would get all the training in our internal processes, sales techniques, and later, management.

We’ve learned that the best employees are those who like challenging work. It’s not the perks like snacks that will keep them satisfied (even though we do offer these!), but an opportunity to see what you did today have some impact tomorrow.

This is not just a phrase: no one in our company is pushing any papers around. We want talented people and we want to grow their talent.

Thank you very much for your time, we wish you many satisfied customers!

If you are interested in Mediatoolkit, see the official video in YouTube HERE.

Katerina Kynclova, Web Content Writer