Integromat is excited to announce it has launched its new feature, the Integromat mobile app, on Product Hunt today

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The Integromat mobile app makes automation magic based on events that happen on your phone – calls, messages, GPS and much more.
The Integromat team will be sharing its new feature, the Integromat mobile app on Product Hunt, all day today, June 11th, 2018. Click here to join the conversation.

Integromat is one of the startups from the first wave of CzechInvest’s Czech Accelerator in Silicon Valley. Integromat is a workflow automation tool that allows users to create powerful integrations between various online services, all without writing a single line of code – simply by dragging and dropping icons. Today, it is celebrating another success and first of its kind for the automation world, a way to automate tasks based on events that happen on your mobile phone.

Since launching their tool two years ago, the team found it’s not just about what you connect but it’s also about connecting the online and mobile world together. This pushed them to create a mobile app that allows users to extend their automation capabilities by using events on their phone to trigger automations.

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, they are excited to be sharing it with the world-at-large today and hearing what other tech enthusiasts have to say about it!

Using the same no-coding technology, the mobile app far extends current automation possibilities. The mobile app can monitor for changes on a mobile device to initiate integrations. It can also perform actions, by in which it generates new items and adds them to a mobile device. Over the course of the day, the team will be sharing some of the new features available, answering questions, and promoting new ways to use Integromat. Some of the new ways that will be discussed are:

●        Automating actions based on your phone’s location (GPS)
●        Using your phone’s WiFi connection to automate tasks
●        Using SMS messages
●        Using and building your contact list on your phone
●        Automatically sending & uploading photos

Today is a great day for the Czech tech startup world and what we have to offer to the global market at large. Show your support for Integromat on Product Hunt today, June 11th, 2018.

About Us:
Integromat is an integration tool that connects apps/services to move data and automate workflows. Using our automation builder, users can drag and drop their apps together to create powerful integrations, all without writing a single line of code. For more information please visit us at

Official press release of the Czech startup Integromat.