Start-up Infrastructure

You can find here the list of Infrastructure situated in the Czech Republic. Keep in mind that not all infrastructures have english website.



Atelier Pexeso Coworking and child care in Prague
Baby Office Coworking also for mothers with children
BEA – Bussiness Education Acceleration Centre Olomouc Place for business
BIC Plzen – Business and Innovation Centre (Centre with EBN certification) Incubator in Plzeň
Business incubator Brno – South Business incubator
Business Incubator in Nymburk Incubator and coworking
Business incubator Kanov Incubator
Business Incubator Kunovice Incubator
Business Incubator of Vysoká škola podnikání Ostrava Incubator in Ostrava
Business Incubator STEEL-IT Business incubator in Třinec
Business Incubator VTP/PV Roztoky Business incubator near Prague
Business Innovation Center (BIC) Ostrava Place for business
Centre of leisure time Měšice Centre of leisure time
Cowo Brno Cowokring in the centre of Brno
Coworking Center České Budějovice Coworking in České Budějovice
Coworking centre Mumraj Coworking also for mothers with children
Coworking Centre Podnikání všem Coworking in Prague
Coworking Kolín Coworking in Kolín
Coworking Křižovatka Coworking in the centre of Prague for expats
Coworking Letnice Coworking also for mothers with children
Coworking Olomouc Coworking in Olomouc
Coworking Prague Coworking in Prague
Coworkingový motor Liberce o.p.s. Coworking in Liberec
Technological Innovation Centre Zlín Innovation Centre
Creative Incubator DEPO2015 Creative Incubator in Plzeň
Czech ICT Incubator Incubator in Prague
Desk Room Coworking in Prague and Pardubice
Engineering Science and Technology Park Incubator focus on engineering sector
ESA BIC Prague Incubator in Prague focus on space technologies using on the Earth
GoUP! Startup home Incubator in Pardubice
Chefstarter Special program focus on entrepreneurs in food business
Impact Hub Brno Coworking, place for business
Impact Hub Ostrava Coworking, place for business
Impact Hub Prague Inspiring space for collaboration, networking, coworking, events, business development and innovation
InnoCrystal Coworking near to Prague
Innovation Support Centre VSB TU Ostrava (Centre with EBN certification)


Inovation Centre of Ústecky region

Incubator, Ostrava



Innovation Centre

InovaJET of Czech Technical University in Prague University incubator in Prague
IN-SPIRO Coworking in Prague
KoPlac Coworking in Brno
Locus Workspace – Muzeum & Vinohrady Place for business
MAM Prostor Coworking, babysitting for children, kindergarden in Prague
Melvil Space Coworking in Brno
MITROVSKI Coworking in Brno
NODE5 Place for entrepreneurs
Office coffee bar Coworking at coffee bar
Paper Hub Coworking in Prague
Point One ČZU Business incubator of University of Life Sciences in Prague
Pracovna Place for business for rent
Pracovna v parku Coworking
Prague Startup Centre Incubator, Coworking in the centre of Prague
Science and Technology Park Ostrava a. s. Science and Technology Park
Science and Technology Park Pilsen Place for business
Science and Technology Park RUMBURK, VTP, s.r.o. Business centre
South Bohemian Science and Technology Park JVTP Science and Technology Park
South Moravian Innovation Centre Brno (Centre with EBN certification) Innovation centre, Incubator in Brno
StartupYard Accelerator for Technology Startups
Tech Square Enabling corporations and startups
Technological park and Incubator Březno Technological park and Incubator
TECHNOLOGY CENTRE Hradec Králové, o.p.s. Place for business
Techsquat Prague Non-profit co-work & co-live community
The Regional Development Agency Development agency in Ostrava
The Science and Technology Park of Palacký University in Olomouc Place for business
The South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovative Enterprising Place for business
TITC Technology Innovation Transfer Chamber Business incubator in Brno
Top centre of women – entrepreneurs Coworking and education centre in Brno
University Incubator of University of Economics xPORT Incubator
Vienna Point Incubator in Brno
Viva Ostrava Coworking in Ostrava
Inovation Centre of Ustecky region (ICUK) Innovation Centre
 UP 21 Incubator and Accelerator 
 DEPO 2015  Creative Incubator