Global Pitch – The World Biggest Online Showcase of Start-ups and Innovative Companies is back!

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DealMatrix – Global Pitch’s initiator starts the application phase for the third round of this competition for genius ideas and solutions! In 2018 DealMatrix initiated this opportunity by reaching out to talented start-ups from all around the world to pitch their companies on the virtual stage in front of international juries and experts consisting of experienced investors, scouts and analysts.

Starting on March 4th the third batch of the Global Pitch Challenge will again search in the startup eco-system for the most promising ideas and best innovative solutions. Together with a large international network of partners, DealMatrix is looking for the best of the best start- ups and introduce them to the Global Pitch network of investors, corporates and scouts – to provide them direct access to capital, clients and events.

Continuing on the success of the first two events, the 3rd Global Pitch event will continue with 5 categories:

  • Our Planet: sustainability, renewables, impact, energy, environment, climate, social business
  • Our Information: big data, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, security
  • Our Body: food tech, e-health, digital health
  • Our Business: fintech, crypto, reg-tech, insure-tech, ecommerce, marketplace
  • Our Cities: mobility, urban solutions, smart home, industry 4.0

Global Pitch 3 will start with the Application phase, in which startup’s applications will be collected via the DealMatrix platform. Later, each company in each specific category will be evaluated by an initial jury panel. Out of all applications the best 100 profiles will be selected and short-listed once again until there are only the 3 most elite startups from each category left. These finalists will have the honor to be a part of the Global Pitch 3 finals event on June 12th and have the chance to pitch in front of the jury and thousands of viewers online!

For additional information about Global Pitch follow this link