First Ecocapsule® for rent in Bratislava, Slovakia

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In September, the Slovak company Ecocapsule® is launching its first rental Ecocapsule. The capsule will be located in Zuckermandel, a part of the Old Town in Bratislava, Slovakia.  

After the success in NYC, the Slovak company Ecocapsule® is launching its first rental microhome. The first rental Ecocapsule® will be placed in Zuckermandel – a part of Bratislava’s Old Town. Available from September, the capsule will be located on a footbridge with a beautiful view overlooking the Danube river. Intended for tourists and natives alike, the capsule will serve a “try and buy” purpose as well as a great place for accommodation when exploring the city of Bratislava.

We have been planning to start a rental project for a longer time. We are excited to launch the first rental Ecocapsule in Bratislava. We will have the chance to offer the experience of sleeping in an Ecocapsule to a greater number of people. At the same time, clients interested to buy an Ecocapsule will have the chance to try it before buying. Apart from offering the capsule for accommodation, we want to use it as a place for organizing various small events focused mainly on ecology and zero-waste“, said Tomáš Žáček, founder a CEO Ecocapsule.

Those interested can get more information and book a night in the Ecocapsule at:

The company plans to launch more rental Ecocapsules® set in beautiful locations all around the world very soon.

About Ecocapsule®

Established in 2015, the Slovak company Ecocapsule® designs and produces the self-sustainable, mobile microhome of the same name. Equipped with solar panels and a wind turbine for harvesting energy, it can also harvest rain water, as well as filter water from natural sources. This makes Ecocapsule® a truly off-grid home, allowing people to live far from civilization, practically anywhere. Ecocapsule® is a multipurpose unit, which can be used as a house, caravan, houseboat, hotel, research station etc.