Europe’s biggest virtual reality attraction opens in Prague

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The Czech capital has a new tourist attraction making it one of the world’s top virtual reality destinations. Since the beginning of May, visitors to the centre of Prague can experience a walk through 16th century Prague and meet the legendary Golem.


The unique Golem VR project is an experience game combining the latest virtual reality dimension with motion in the real world. It offers the general public a walk through the magic Prague of Emperor Rudolph II. including the possibility of touching selected objects and solving simple tasks. It culminates with a visit to Rabbi Löw’s study and reviving the Golem.


Europe’s biggest virtual reality project in Prague was launched by DIVR Labs, a gaming development studio. “The story of the Golem is tied to the Czech capital and we believe it will appeal to both Czech and international visitors,” says Lukáš Burda, CEO, DIVR Labs.


“Preparing the whole project took our team of developers about a year. Free motion in space is possible thanks to a backpack with a computer, which is connected to the goggles creating the virtual world. Visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of old Prague individually or in a multiplayer setting for up to four players,” Burda explains.


Visitors can try the multisensory project out in an area of 250 square metres in the cellar of the Hamleys toy shop in the centre of Prague.


Following its successful debut, Blue Effect, which DIVR Labs launched in June 2016, Golem VR is another achievement that can only be rivalled in terms of scope by virtual reality experience projects in New York and Dubai.


The investors backing the Golem VR project are Jan Galgonek, CEO, Adexpres Group, Jerry Javornický and Adam Paclt (SpaceKnow and IceWarp), Nextech Ventures, helmed by Josef Matějka, the founder of CZC e-shop, and Reflex Capital, helmed by Ondřej Fryc, the founder of