EU Funds

Programs funded through European Funds

These programs are funded throught the Europeans Funds. They are typically provided by government bodies such as the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, regional governments or cities. If you are having trouble to find programs for your region in the Czech Republic, contact us and we will connect you with your regional offices where you will get all the information about programs, which are available in your regions.

Funding program of the South-Moravian Regions for starting entrepreneurs

The aim of the Funding Program of South Moravian Region (Dotační program Jihomoravského kraje) is to develop entrepreneurial environment and to support small business in South Moravian region by providing them financial support. Funding provided by this program can rise up to 60 percent of all expenses connected with starting a new business, but it cannot be higher than 100 000 CZJ per project. This program is based on South Moravian Development Program 2014 – 2017 and has to be reestablished annually. Funding program for year 2015 was already terminated due to depletion of financial resources for this year.

Ministry of Industry and Trade – Marketing

The program aims to strengthen growth incentives for SMEs and their marketing ability and readiness to find new markets outside the Czech Republic (territorial and product). It helps them to enter new markets and stay on them including support for participation in international programs.

Ministry of Industry and Trade – Advisory services

The program aims to provide basic services and consulting services. The provision of these services will be focused on start-up firms in manufacturing, construction, trade and services.

Ministry of Industry and Trade – Technology

The aim of the program is to support the increasing of the number of completed new business plans of new small entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in economically troubled regions, contributing development of these regions and increasing employment in the form of grants.

Ministry Industry and Trade – Infrastructure Services

The main objective of the program is to improve the quality of services through grants supporting infrastructure, which will lead to intensification of joint research, development and innovation activities between businesses, and between the public and the business sector which is focused mainly on the implementation of new technologies and competitive products and services.

Ministry of Industry and Trade – Innovation Vouchers

The program aims to develop communication and sharing of knowledge and know-how between business and research community. Business entities can use this development for launching or intensification of their own innovative activities. The general objective of the program is to increase the interaction between businesses and organizations for research and dissemination of knowledge with a direct impact on strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs.