Displate received $3 million from two Czech VCs – Miton and Credo Ventures

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October 4, 2018 marks another huge milestone for Displate. Miton, the Czech VC company specialized in consumer-centric e-commerces invested $2 million in our company. Miton, alongside Prague-based VC Credo who supported company’s growth last year saw the opportunity in Displate’s ever-expanding global reach and unique home decor solution.

“Our mission is to help talented founders with our money and experience to build successful companies that can through technology innovations change the world into a better place. And that is the reason we decided to support Displate and its team,” says David Spinar, CEO of Miton.

Displate, founded in 2013, is both a manufacturer specialized in creating exceptional handcrafted metal posters and a platform gathering talented artists from all over the world.

XXI century medium to bring digital art to life

Displate is a global marketplace platform where content creators have a new way to sell their designs and everyone can buy uncommon products with graphics they love. Additionally, company partnered with brands such as Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and Blizzard, to get one of a kind officially licensed designs.

Driven by passion and fueled by innovation, Displate has created a medium to bring digital art to life, where global artists can make a profit from uploading or promoting other Artist’s works within their own Art Space on Displate.

Innovation and quality : Wall Safe Magnet Mounting is changing home decor

Displate’s products are manufactured using own, perfected techniques to receive gallery-quality results. Steel used to create Displates is thick and resistant to atmospheric conditions what guarantees durability and gives certainty that the product will serve for a very long time.

The posters are mounted on the wall using sticker magnets. The unique mounting system with a thin, flat magnet is extremely easy to use and permits any rearrangements of the artworks, thus revolutionizing the home decor field.

Miton – partner in marketplace development

Miton, a VC company originated from Czech Republic, has almost 20 years of experience of building and investing successful digital businesses, mostly in the area of ecommerce retail and digital marketplaces. Their engagement in Displate opens up a lot of opportunities and new solutions, not only financially, but also because of their vast expertise and portfolio of companies such as Glami/Stileo, Bonami or Biano.

Thanks to the investment Displate is now launching Art Agent campaign, that allows everyone that want to promote art and earn 30% commission. A new take on social media selling and brand marketing strategy,

“We want Displate to be a community around art. It means not only Artist or Creators but also everyone that can help them grow. We decided to share as much as 30% to everyone that wants to promote creators and their works. In this way we want to engage influencers, bloggers, journalists, writers, celebrities and everyday heros to promote what they love.” – says Jacek Swigost, Co-founder at Displate.

That financial boost from Miton means Displate’s goals and plans for 2019 will come to fruition faster than ever anticipated. The most important among them will be opening of Displate’s branch office in Austin, Texas, thus marking another significant milestone in the company’s 5-year journey.