Runecast from Brno has received 1,6 mil. EUR investment from two investors

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Brno´s start-up Runecast has announced the end of another investment round. Czech start-up was able to raise astonishing 1,6 mil. EUR from two investors, Czech investment fund Credo Ventures and Slovakian Limerock Fund Manager.

Credo Ventures is investing to Czech start-up

Credo Ventrues has been really active in the last few months as it invested to several Czech start-up. To name the two biggest deals: 1,3 mil. EUR investment to Prague´s start-up IP Fabric and joint investment to Czech game start-up Gamee along with several other investors.

Runecast is a superb technical team with global ambitions based in Central Europe. They have spent three years developing a game-changing product for all VMware customers worldwide. That’s exactly the kind of company we at Credo like to invest in,“ said one of the partners of Credo Ventures, Andrej Kiska.

Runecast has customers on three continents

Runecast it developing a tool for real-time monitoring and predictive analysis used in VMware environments. Their solution helps customers to switch the VMware maintenance from reactive to predictive. The real contribution to customers is the reduction of outages and increased security along with cost reduction.

I am excited to bring on board some of the best investors our region can offer. We will use the new investment primarily to expand our enterprise-level sales force and reseller network,” commented the investment the CEO and co-founder of Runecast, Stanimir Markov.

It is not the first investment for the Czech start-up. They received 140 000 EUR from investor Opifer in 2014. The investment has allowed them to put together an international team with a lot of experience with VMware, making Runecast a successful start-up.