Czechs have demonstrated a new app at the Slush Tokyo Conference

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The Czech start-up Mindee has launched a new app meant for financial advisors. The fintech service was demonstrated for the first time in public at the world famous technological conference Slush Tokyo, which took place in Japan this weekend.

The new app for financial advisors introduces innovation to the approach to work and clients. The system brings together all the information needed for the financial advisor in one place. At the same time the system significantly saves time which advisors can dedicate to their clients. Financial advisors do not have enough time for subsequent care for their clients and Mindee solves this long-term problem. We provide our users with a web and mobile app which consolidates necessary devices for working with clients in one place. Thanks to this, advisors gain more space for taking care of clients, the CEO of the project Martin Masek said.

The app provides simple online space for its users to keep a record of all their clients and their contracts. Its development took the creators a year and a half and more than 20 were involved in it. While developing the app our main source of inspiration was successful activity management apps and also our own needs. The most demanding part was transferring specifical requests of financial advisors to a functional IT solution, Masek added.

Mindee records the course of communication with the client, tracks the process of business activities and enables work to be delegated to a team. Advisors can precisely count the anticipated provision from current businesses thanks to the statistics included in the app.