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New contacts, professional experience, feedback from mentors, 80 000 Czech crowns to start a business, a year office rent for free, and potential to get an investment.  Everything for the winner of the ninth year of the Entrepreneurship Competition that is organized by the Science and Technology Park of the Palacký University in Olomouc. Candidates should register by April 30 at and write their business plan.

“This year, we are looking forward to innovative business ideas that will be presented at our competition. Its winner will receive 80 thousand Czech crowns, the contestant at the second place will receive 18 thousand Czech crowns and the third 8 thousand Czech crowns. For the best possible competitive contribution, the contestants will also have professional mentors, “said Roman Jurečka, Director of the Science and Technology Park (STPUP).

The last year’s winner, Radek Oborny, is also appreciating the meetings with experts during the competition. “Preparing for the competition that included lectures and workshops motivated us to formulate our business concept-water filter for travelers, which had been rolling for some time in our heads. Winning the competition gave us confidence and desire to continue with our project. After the competition, when we were intensively involved in product development, I was assisted by the proximity of STPUP colleagues who critically inspected each step and advised me how to move forward and what mistakes to avoid, “he described his experience.

The Entrepreneurial Head competition takes place under the auspices of the Olomouc Region Authority and with the financial support of the general partner of Česká spořitelna – the provider of Erste Corporate Banking and BA Club CZ.

“I took over the auspices of the competition this year too, because I believe that it inspires young people to do business and helps them manage the first steps in the start of business. I hope that many authors of interesting entrepreneurial ideas will register this year too, “said Pavel Šoltys, Deputy Governor of Olomouc Region Authority.

The competition will take place until May 31, when the organizer will ceremonially announce the winner. Candidates can compete in a special category Businessman in Skirt or Health-Motion-Sport too. Three selected finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas at UP Business Camp Olomouc Conference.

Detailed information about the competition can be found at or Facebook.

Last year´s winners