Czech Start-up Manta Tools joined a partnership with an American Myriad Solution

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It is somehow traditional that the end of the year in the start-up world is devoted to summarization of the ending one, as in any other business field.

That is why we are very happy to inform you about an interesting news from the Czech start-up scene. As Czech start-up Manta Tools agreed on a cooperation with a big international partner – Myriad Solutions!

Manta Tools

Manta Tools is specializing in data management tools. These Czech innovators are developing a unique tool to visualize data flow through different systems. Moreover, their tool can process a handwritten or poorly documented code, which is something that distinguishes Manta Tools from other data management companies. Their tool is aimed at larger companies to help them with data analysis.

Myriad Solutions

American company Myriad Solutions is on the other hand a leading provider of Application Development, Model Management, and Project tools and services. The American company was clearly looking for a partnership to help them with data analysis. And they have certainly found one in Manta Tools since both companies will be complementing each other in their businesses. “Manta will complement our data management solution offerings,” said the CEO of Myriad Solutions Javed Matin about the new partnership.

The CEO of Manta Tools Tomáš Krátký also commented the agreement, when he said: “We started with metadata managers two years ago, and now Manta integrates smoothly with top products – Informatica, IBM, and Adaptive to name a few,”.

The cooperation was agreed upon rather quickly, which is somehow unusual for this type of partnership. It proves that both companies are happy about the deal. Hopefully, it will also prove over time as beneficial for both parties.

We are also very happy to see promising innovative companies to step forward and to try their luck. Since their stories might serve as an inspiration for all others, who are trying to breakthrough with their own innovative ideas but struggle to make the first move.

At the end we would like to wish both, the Manta Tools and Myriad Solutions a lot of success in their businesses at the New Year!