Czech start-up Integromat wins big at international start-up competition, Get in the Ring Budapest

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Czech based start-up, Integromat wins the opportunity to visit Google Launchpad Tel Aviv at Get in the Ring Budapest in Budapest, Hungary. The event took place on November 30th – December 1st, 2017 and pitted Integromat against other start-ups from Central and Eastern Europe.

Integromat – the most advanced online automation platform

There is so much work that can be automated in today’s world. There are countless hours and needless dollars spent on transferring data manually. Sure, users can automate themselves, but why not save a lot of time, have it way faster, and eliminate the possibility of human error?

Integromat provides a solution for automating your daily online tasks and work. It is a workflow automation platform that allows users to seamlessly connect their online apps and services to transfer and transform data as they see fit – all using drag and drop command and without any knowledge of coding.

Integromat is complex enough and user-friendly enough to accomplish automations easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. It is the answer for Industry 4.0.

With this innovative solution for the 4th wave of industry, Integromat presented their idea at Get in the Ring Budapest.

Get in the Ring

Get in the Ring is an international competition that provides start-ups the opportunity to present their product or solution to investors and business leaders. By placing start-ups against one another in a boxing ring, each start-up has 30 seconds to pitch their idea and to out-pitch their competitor to win the the vote of the judges, a panel of industry titans. Moreover, the competition provides a platform for all start-ups attending to improve their pitching skills, receive valuable feedback and insights from experts, meet like-minded people, and showcase their solution.

Get in the Ring is a competition that is in over 100 countries and has provided countless opportunities for up-and-coming companies.

Although, the journey to the ring, for many competitors, begins long before the event itself.

The journey to the ring and the win

As part of the on-going trend of exhibiting Czech talent on the international scene, the journey to the ring, for Integromat, began this past October at The V4 Startup and Innovation Fastlane Tour Prague. The V4 Startup and Innovation Fastlane Tour visited Prague, Bratislava, and Warsaw to find the most innovative ideas coming out of the V4 region. The goal of these events is to foster innovation in the start-up ecosystem within this region and provide support for start-ups coming out of this region to reach the international scene. Pitching in a similar format, Integromat came out victorious to participate in Get in the Ring Budapest.

Based on their performance at Get in the Ring, Integromat won the the prestigious prize of an all-expenses paid trip to the Google Launchpad in Tel Aviv to help further develop Integromat, meet with experts, and continue to showcase the innovative work going on in the Czech Republic. 

Ondrej Gazda, CEO of Integromat expresses the impact of this win for Integromat by stating, “It was a great opportunity to be a part of the event, we learnt a lot and met some very interesting and influential people. Winning the chance to visit the Google Launchpad in Israel is an amazing confirmation for our whole team, that Integromat is tool with the potential for global success. We are looking forward for the times to come”.

Start-up competitions like this provide opportunities for great innovations to flourish. For Integromat, they get to continue to develop and share their platform with the world-at-large.

From Prague, to Budapest, to Tel Aviv, to the world – Integromat continues to help automate work and get people back faster to what matters the most, their lives.