ContentKing raises € 350,000 in seed capital

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Amsterdam-based SEO startup ContentKing raises € 350,000 in seed capital from Dutch business angels at a € 3.5mio valuation.

ContentKing, a fast-growing startup providing an extensive SEO auditing, reporting and insights solution to digital marketing professionals worldwide, received € 350,000 in seed capital at a € 3.5mio valuation late 2017.

Vincent van Scherpenseel, CEO at ContentKing: “This investment is a fantastic validation of our vision, idea and execution. I am incredibly proud of what our team has been able to accomplish so far. The additional capital will be applied to further support the growth of our team and marketing activities.”

With a team of 16 people spread across the Netherlands and Czech Republic, they’re making their vision of “No more SEO surprises” a reality. Their solution, powered by intelligent algorithms which monitor and audit websites 24/7, provides agencies, as well as eCommerce and other online businesses worldwide with the ability to boost search engine visibility and manage unexpected changes.

ContentKing watchdogs tens of millions of web pages for global companies like TNT, British Telecom and Mitsubishi, who rely on it for round-the-clock SEO monitoring.

Vincent van Scherpenseel: “From the start we’ve had this very clear vision: if search engines are constantly looking at your websites, then so should your tooling! There’s only one #1 rank in Google. When your website suffers from a technical problem or an unexpected content change and you don’t react in time, you lose out, while your competitor gains. When disaster strikes ContentKing actively alerts you, giving you the opportunity to resolve issues before search engines and visitors notice.”

Market Information

As search engines are the starting point for virtually any web user, SEO is one of the most important channels for digital marketers. In a 2017 market research study conducted by HubSpot, it was revealed that 61% of digital marketers consider SEO their top inbound marketing activity. A 2016 market study by Borrell Associates predicted that SEO-related spending will grow to $80 billion in the US alone by 2020.

Management Team

ContentKing’s Management Team consists of Vincent van Scherpenseel, CEO, and his co-founder Steven van Vessum, CCO. Together they ran a full-service internet agency for 8 years before founding ContentKing. Born out of frustration from the lack of proactive tooling, they sold their previous company and founded ContentKing from the proceeds.