Czech start-up Gamee has received 2,2 mil. USD in the first round investment

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Czech start-up Gamee celebrates its first big success in the field of investment. It had received the investment from various investors such as Initial Capital, Index Ventures, Credo Ventures and few other angel investors – the total amount is reaching 2,2 mil. USD.

Gamee is focusing on mobile platform and its project is based on HTML5. Nevertheless, it is not a game nor application. It is a service which allows its users a direct and frisctionless sharing of casual mobile games.

Gamee was able to attract casual players

Prague based start-up was founded in 2015 and so far, it offers up to 60 different mobile games. The service has more than 4 million active users and player retention of about 25 % after the first month. It doen´t sound as much, but keep in mind that most mobile applications and games lose between 80 – 90 % people after the first month.

We have designed Gamee so that people click and play and are in gameplay within 3 seconds, either if you play games from our main apps or in chat with friends from our chatbots. The cross-platform nature of HTML5 allows frictionless sharing of games as easy as sharing YouTube videos on the internet without the need to download the games or go to the app store to find them” said about their service Gamee´s CEO Božena Řežábová.

Cooperation with big names

This promising Czech start-up was cooperating with several worldwide names such as Coca-Cola, Škoda Auto, NASA or football club Manchester City on their dedicated games. Gamee was one of the 10 founding members of Facebook Instant Games as well. Not a bad start of their business.

We are looking forward to more news from the Prague based start-up and in the meantime, we wish them the best of luck.