Czech car sharing start-up AJO has grown from Brno to Prague

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Car sharing services are becoming relatively popular around the world. The most visible company is without the doubt an originally French-based start-up BlaBlaCar. It provides its services in many countries, including Czech Republic where it bought the Czech number one company Jízdomat. A competition is on the rise for them and it comes from Brno.

Success on Fundlift and investment from JIC

Brno´s start-up AJO was able to raise 5 mil. CZK during its crowdfunding campaign on Fundlift. Moreover, the promising company received 2 mil. CZK investment from the programme JIC Ventures from the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC). The success on Fundlift as well as the investment allowed AJO to grow their business from Brno to Prague. AJO will have more than 30 vehicles in service with its Prague and Brno´s fleet.

We buy only new cars for sharing. Thanks to the comfortable pick up system and short term loans, AJO is an attractive alternative of owning the car in all locations, where we provide our services,“ said about AJO its founder Jaromír Klimek.

Car sharing has cities´ support

Car sharing is a specific service. It is not a taxi service as well as co-driving service, such as Uber. The concept of car sharing has a clear position in the legal system. Unlike co-driving services, these businesses are not followed by controversy such as Uber in some European countries and in Brno (more about Uber problems in Brno). The cities of Brno and Prague are supporting car sharing. They say that these services lower the emissions as well as save parking spots in cities.

The standard is that local car sharing providers are using solutions from the big worldwide providers, therefore they become dependent and can´t adjust the system according to their needs. AJO has got our attention because it provides its own user-friendly solution,“ commented the main reasons for the investment the CEO of JIC Jiří Hudeček.