Czech Brno based start-up CleverAnalytics has announced a seed investment of 10 mil. CZK

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Businessman and Businesswoman Shaking Hands

Czech start-up scene is able to produce a number of unique products and services, which are well received around the world. There are big players such as with their billions´ revenues and smaller projects as well, such as Gamee about which we have informed you last week.

Brno based business in Location Intelligence

Nevertheless, yet another Czech start-up has received an investment. This time, it is the CleverAnalytics. Brno based start-up is developing a cloud platform for Location Intelligence. It is an analytical tool that mix together several types of data such as location data, freely accessible data and customer transaction data and creates an unique view of a companies´ business processes.

The investment should help to speed up the launch

CleverAnalytics has received 10 mil. CZK (more than 370 000 EUR) investment from technological & innovation hub MindForge. It should help them to launch the product as soon as possible. The team of Brno´s start-up has announced on their website that we might expect to see their analytical tool on the market as soon as the third quarter of this year.

Since 2015, when the company was founded, CleverAnalytics has gained more than 40 customers. We can find some big Czech names among them such as, Česká Spořitelna (bank),, Teta drugstore and many other retail chain stores, e-commerce companies, banks and insurance companies.

Businessman and Businesswoman Shaking Hands