Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland: Top Industry Leaders in Geneva

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On October 9, 2018, the international company Smile-Expo will host the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland – large event about DLT and cryptocurrencies. The conference will unite top professionals from the DLT sphere, as well as investors, developers and market analysts.

Switzerland – the “Crypto Paradise”

Switzerland pays a lot of attention at the blockchain development. The country has its own “crypto valley” – the city of Zug, where numerous crypto businesses work at the improvement of the technology and integrate DLT in various sectors.

Also, according to the report of the huge financial consultant PwC, 75% of Swiss business companies intend to integrate DLT in the next three years.

Moreover, the country has developed clear guidelines for regulating ICOs and welcomes DLT applications in such sectors as education, transportation and electronic voting.

Results of the Previous Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

The first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland was held in February 2018. The event was visited by 300 participants, and 24 DLT-based companies introduced their developments in the demozone. Among the speakers – representative of CERN and an investor listed in Forbes 30 under 30.

As a result of the conference, 24% of visitors increased their brand recognition. The most significant result was the productive networking – 33% of attendees found new business partners and established cooperation at the event.

What Is Waiting for Guests at the Second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland?

The event in Geneva will gather leading specialists from the top world companies working in the crypto sphere.

Crypto experts will discuss decentralization of the money and governments, tokenization of health data and DApps. They will also talk about the GDPR compliance, regulatory framework and ICO launches.

The conference will also have a space for demozone where DLT-based corporations will introduce their new ideas to the audience.

Startups will also have a chance to find investments. During the pitch-sessions they will acquaint visitors with their projects – the most promising ones will get capital for development.

Networking will be a part of the event as well – visitors will have an opportunity to find potential employees and employers, partners for future cooperation and new business ties.

The event will be interesting for:

  • specialists working in the field of DLT who want to learn about the successful crypto experience from the leading blockchain experts;
  • those who strive to build a career in the field of DLT;
  • entrepreneurs who plan to integrate DLT in their business;
  • companies which want to increase the popularity of their brand;
  • crypto enthusiasts interested in the blockchain industry.


The event is arranged by the international company Smile-Expo, which has already successfully held 45 crypto events in 25 countries.

Register today to avoid last minute rush. Now the price for one ticket – €400 €240! More information about the event and registration on the official website.