American technological giant Oracle has bought Czech start-up Apiary

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American Oracle has bought Apiary

The Czech start-up scene is not that small. We all know that. There are several start-ups which shine above the others such as GoodData, Socialbakers, and others, who managed to succeed abroad. Czech start-up Apiary should be counted among these as it was able to open a new office in Californian San Francisco.

If you haven´t heard of Apiary yet, you will now. American technological giant Oracle has bought Apiary for unspecified sum. One of the main investors of Apiary, Ondřej Bartoš from Credo Ventures has stated for the Czech newspaper Hospodářské noviny that “We are talking about 10 digits in Czech crowns,” meaning that the sum would go up to tens of millions USD.

One of the biggest deal of the Czech start-up scene

Sum this high makes the deal between Oracle and Apiary one of the biggest deals of the Czech start-up community. To let you know, the biggest deals so far were the investments received by GoodData and Socialbakers, evaluated at around 100 mil. USD and 36 mil. USD.

Apiary is developing API solutions and products for third-party companies, allowing them to communicate through different programs and devices. Their products will become a part of Oracle´s Integration Cloud solutions. “Oracle customers will have unique access to a comprehensive API management platform providing control and increased agility, enabling them to focus on innovation,” said about the deal the founder and CEO of Apiary, Jakub Nešetřil.

We would like to congratulate to Apiary for this achievement. We are looking forward to see what is going to be the next direction for them.