Yet another czech-based start-up has annouced an investment, this time Sapho with 14 mil. USD

Interview with Jakub Hladík, an old hand in the field of start-ups and business
Interview with Tomáš Bednář, co-founder of the Vocabulary Maps project. He has already launched a Kickstarter campaign a few days ago.

Sapho is an american start-up which was founded three years ago by several veterans from Californian Silicon Valley. The start-up has a headquarter there, but the development of their product is happening completely in Prague on the Wenceslaw Square, also programmers and management staff is working there.

Old applications in a new jacket

Their product allows the adjustment of the so-called legacy IT software or applications for modern market and customers. Older software often doesn’t line-up with expectations of modern customers. The market is changing rapidly and software and applications developed 10 year ago are often no longer suitable. Therefore, Sapho specializes in adjusting these legacy IT software

Sapho has been quite successful with their product. During the first investment round they were able to raise 13,85 mil. USD and during the second round, which has just ended, they managed to raise even more, an astonishing 14 mil. USD. All together, this promising start-up has raised almost 28 mil. USD, which effectively makes it one of the fastest growing Czech-based start-ups. It grows even faster than well-praised former start-ups such as GoodData or Socialbakers.