Acceleration program JIC STARCUBE has announced its best start-ups of 2016

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It seems like yesterday to us, when we informed you about the beginning of the eight run of the Brno´s acceleration program JIC STARCUBE. Nevertheless, the autumn has already passed like water under the bridge. Therefore, it is a time to take a look who has become the winner of this year´s run.

This year´s winner has become a start-up from Brno – Fosh

As the overall winner of this year´s run has been chosen Brno´s startup Fosh, which is developing a very interesting feature for skateboard enthusiast. Their tool can track skateboard tricks which the rider attempts to do. Because of that, the skateboarder can monitor the duration of his or her ride, track the tricks and eventually improve significantly. The domination of Fosh on the final ceremony has been highlighted since the Brno´s start-up has been chosen as the winner not only by the international jury but also by the media and viewers.

When we were chosen for the program, we only had an idea which we wanted to test. After three months we leave with clear business plan and road map for the next year. The win pushes us even more, because we were awarded not only the jury, but also by the media and spectators,” commented Martin Horák from the winning start-up Fosh.

On the second and third place placed Serbian start-up Smart Toybox and Prague´s project Smart Capsa

The second best project was from Serbia. Smart Toybox is developing a smart “box” for toys. The box allows children to learn how to clean up toys after they are done playing with them though a game. Therefore, it deals with the nightmare of many parents – toys spread around the apartment. Basically, it is a teaching tool for young children.

On the third place ended up Prague´s start-up Smart Capsa, which is developing a software to control customer loyalty and satisfaction. Their chatbot works on the principle of the artificial intelligence, which is capable to detect the language of the customer and allow him or her to enter the order in the native language.

More foreign start-ups this year

As it was stated by the manager of JIC STARCUBE Hana Šudáková: ”We have managed to attract more European’s projects than in the past. That is the way we would like to keep for the upcoming years as well,”. We should not forget about to mention who was part of the international committee which evaluated the participants of this year´s run. In the jury you could find the director of Berlin´s Corporate Startup Lab Darius Moeini, the founder of as Israeli start-up Eco-Nautical Ayelet Hashachar Baram, the director of FGSD Patrick Blunsdon and the founder of the Viennese co-working space Sektor5 and incubator 5starts Yves Schulz.

The partners of this year´s run of JIC STARCUBE were AVG, Honeywell, Konica Minolta, Microsoft and Y Soft. “I am very pleased that we have managed to actively involve our technological partners. They have worked with the teams on an ongoing basis, consulted their business plans and strategies and link them with their own experts,” added Hana Šudáková about the connection between the partners and participants of the acceleration program.

We would like to wish all the best for the upcoming year to all participants of the program and a lot of success in their future businesses. We are looking forward for the next run of JIC STARCUBE already!