4 Reasons why to attend InfoShare 2017, the biggest tech-conference in CEE region

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Knowledge of business, innovation, marketing and programming, access to innovative technology and more than 200 startups from CEE, business opportunities, as well as numerous social events. It’s all waiting for participants of infoShare tech-conference in Poland from 17th to 19th of May in Gdansk. And we are proud partner of its event.

  1. Sharing the knowledge

During this year’s infoShare conference there are many opportunities to share the knowledge of business and innovative technology. On one of the main scenes of conference – Inspire – key speakers will talk about international trends in technology, management, innovation and industry 4.0. On the Tech and Tech Plus stages well-known experts as Harry Roberts (csswizardry.com), Felix Rieseberg (Slack), Morgan Carter (Google), Remy Sharp, Tim Kadlec (Snyk), Adam Bien (Java Champion ), Ray Tsang (Google), Brian Holt (Netflix) and many others will share their knowledge about programming. Other aspects of innovation will be discussed in the remaining stages: Marketing and Startup. Knowledge shared at the stages will be deepened by specialized workshops and trainings.

The organizers constantly expand the list of speakers. Ultimately, it should contain more than 120 names of experts from all over the world as in previous years. “We aim at a strong and recognizable names, but mainly professionals who have unique knowledge to present. We are also preparing workshops to our participants so they could see the practical use of this knowledge. “- Explains Grzegorz Borowski, CEO of the Foundation infoShare, organizer of the conference.

  1. Access to innovative technology

More than 200 startups from CEE at various stages of development will demonstrate their innovative products and solutions on more than 12,000 m2 of the infoShare EXPO Area. All guests will also have the opportunity to look at startups qualified for the semifinals of infoShare Startup Contest co-organized with the Gdansk Business Incubator STARTER. Pitching of semi-finalists will be seen on Startup stage. Finalist will win 20 thousand Euro in cash – an award sponsored by the City of Gdansk. More information about the contest is here: https://infoshare.pl/startup-contest/

Moreover startups will present their products directly to investors as: Fiedler Capital, Innovation Nest, Almaz Capital, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, Black Pearls VC and Credo Ventures. All will happen during dedicated events as:

  • Speed dating sessions based on predefined criteria from an online tool.
  • Corporate matchmaking – business talks between corporations, large companies and mature startups about: IoE, digital health and fintech.
  1. Business opportunities

Guests will have the opportunity to numerous networking meetings and spaces to find business partners. Meetup VC – its main objective will be business networking and community building among the representatives of the funds interested in investing in startups and looking for business unicorns. Partners of that event are Innovation Nest, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group and Campus Warsaw. There are many other opportunities to meet: Leaders Event – a closed session dedicated to the topics of open innovation, global economy and cooperation of corporations and startups. VIP area where selected guests will be able to chat with friends or continue networking. Leaders Boat Race – an exclusive, closed networking event on the two galleons traveling in the Gulf of Gdansk.

  1. Networking

People who will come to infoShare 2017 can also count on integration and fun during may side events e.g. Great Networking Party with live concert, Before and After-Party in Sopot Atelier or the Beach Running morning.

Access to all events during this year’s infoShare provide adequate tickets: free Basic Pass, Pass Standard, Executive Pass, Pass Investor, Startup pass. Registration is now open on the organizer’s website and prices Early Birds valid only until March the 15th.

More information about infoShare is available at https://infoshare.pl/.